Why it is Better to Hire a Boston Escort from Eros then Backpage

The two most popular web sites to find Boston escorts are Eros-boston.com and Backpage.com.  While Backpage.com offers a much larger selection of ads, the quality is not as robust as Eros-boston.com because the barriers to entry for advertising on Eros-Boston.com are much higher.

For advertisers that choose Eros-Boston.com, it is a pretty sure bet that they are legitimate and experienced as some resources are required to join the site and checks are in place to confirm their identity.  Furthermore, Eros-Boston.com offers a diverse selection of services and type of Boston escort so that you can feel comfortable with the choice that you make.

On the contrary, Backpage.com avails itself to anyone for a nominal fee and there is no assurances that the pictures are authentic.  Many Boston escorts who use Backpage.com do not have a hotel room or residency to perform their services and there is not a way to tell whether they have any experience or are offering a fly by night deal.

It is very important to take into serious consideration the source of your Boston escort as it will influence your type of companionship experience.